Download the Robots In The Wild Demo

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IMPORTANT! Mac users must disable Gatekeeper to play Robots In The Wild. Follow the instructions below.



Disabling Gatekeeper

1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left of your screen.

2. Click on System Preferences.

3. Click on Security & Privacy.

4. Click on the General tab.

5. Click on the lock. Then type in your password to unlock it.

6. Click on the Anywhere button to allow programs that are not from the App Store to run on your Mac.

Gatekeeper is part of Apple's security systems. It helps prevent unknown programs from running on your computer. Some day Robots In The Wild will be on the list of "known" Apple programs. But until then you will need to turn off Gatekeeper to play it. We recommend turning Gatekeeper back on after you are done playing Robots In The Wild.